Liaising and Translating in French for You – Court-Registered Translator in the Gers

Court Registered Interpreter / Translator

Véronique Minozzo is a Court registered interpreter/translator, which guarantees a higher level of expertise, honesty and confidentiality. Due to this appointment, you can be assured that multicours-traductionsdelivers a highly professional service by:

  • providing the most accurate translation service possible
  • maintaining regular communication as required
  • achieving negotiated deadlines.

You are a Company :

You are a UK, US, Commonwealth or Italian company operating anywhere in the world. You need a translation and interpreting service to develop or improve your business in France and French-speaking countries.

multicours-traductions can provide you with its expertise in:

  • French cultural and commercial practices
  • expressing selling points in French
  • general secretarial work in French
  • quoting and invoicing in French
  • editing commercial literature in French
  • translating contracts, reports and technical documents into French
  • localising your website for the French market – ie translating and adapting it for this specific target market.

Examples of Services :

The following written documents are available on demand through my email address :

  • Birth Certificates, Wedding Certificates and Marriage Contracts
  • Decrees Nisi and Decrees Absolute
  • Memorandums and Articles of Association
  • Guest Houses websites
  • Explanatory letters to veterinary doctors and medical specialists
  • Power of attorney
  • Company graphic charts
  • Patent claims in physics and medecine
  • Oral translation for recording interviews
  • Oral translation for deed agreements at solicitor’s
  • Oral translation when dealing with administration and school enrollment

You are an Individual :

You are British, American or from an English-speaking country.

You are moving to or are settled in the Gers area or you have a holiday home here. You speak no French at all or only enough French to converse with your neighbours. When it comes to specific matters, you desperately need someone who can help you express yourself when dealing with:

  • solicitors
  • government officials
  • plumbers
  • builders
  • electricians
  • general or specialised medical practitioners
  • school executives
  • telecommunication company staff etc…

multicours-traductions will support you in these difficult areas.

Are you confused by the French red tape you receive by post every day? We also offer a translation service and telephone support.

Our Location :

Our office is located in Pavie, on the southern outskirts of Auch, the administrative capital of the Gers département, in South West France.

When you contact us by email, please make sure that you include each time your complete contact details (name, first name, telephone number, postal address). The best time to phone is at 8pm because availability on the phone is better than during the day.